Live Casino Betting

Online Live Casino Betting Sites in India

There are games like Andar Bahar, roulette, and slots, and there are high payout rates, Betacular lucrative casino bonuses and welcome offers up to 8000 rupees.

Real Money Online Casino in India

Indians love playing online casino games like roulette, video poker, craps, slots, baccarat, blackjack, etc. 

Live Casino Betting in India

Gambling is legal in Sikkim, Daman, and Goa. However, it is advised that you check your local laws pertaining to gambling before you venture to gamble. There are some recommended real money casinos (like Betacular), which are regulated and licensed by the International Online gambling regulatory bodies. You can rest assured that your money will be safe when you deposit your money in your account. 


The following are the parameters on how the Top India online casinos are rated.


1) Mobile sites: A secure and reliable mobile app or mobile casino, which allows you to log into your account and play (for rupees). 
2) Fast payouts: There are no hassles with cash outs. 
3) Game variety: a gamut of games like online slot machines and Roulette Betting
4) Deposit methods: There are many ways of depositing money into your account with Indian rupees. 
5) Security: There is advanced encryption software to keep your (personal) data secure and safe. 
6) Customer service: reliable customer service who speak native dialect and are available 24/7. 
7) Welcome bonuses: There are attractive real money bonuses in INR which are easy to encash.  

Live Casino Betting in India

This is the next big thing in the online casino world. The live casino games are played with a dealer who is beamed to your screen. You can interact with them (just like in the real casino), and the other players as well. And when it comes to betting on live casino games, you will have a range of stakes open to you. The standard games are faster than live games because, in live games, the dealer has to wait for the player to act before proceeding. The 4 most popular live dealer games in India are: Live dealer roulette, Live dealer blackjack, Live dealer baccarat, and Live dealer casino hold ‘em. 

Free online casino games and Bonuses in India

You can start playing with the research that we provide you. The free spins allow you to play the most popular slots of online casinos. They are available as a part of the signup bonus. Then there are no deposit bonuses will be credited to your account, typically in a bonus wallet. And then there is a deposit bonus that is expressed as a percentage and is calculated in the currency that you are playing in. We advise you to read the terms and conditions before you start playing. 

Mobile Casinos in India

Mobile gambling is easier now as mobile casinos are designed to work on Android or iOS devices. You can play at any of the real money online casinos, and enjoy the games. you can enjoy the online casino games by downloading them or you can visit the site in your browser. Irrespective of how you play you can enjoy many mobile casino games and still win money.

Safety and Security

For those who are gambling on their mobile devices security is a concern. However, all the sites discussed above provide the player with high levels of security, so the player can rest assured that his personal details are not compromised. And just make sure that your balance in your casino is topped up before you leave.

Best Tips for Playing Live Casino Games

How to play at a live casino:

Do not enter the casino with half-baked knowledge. Here in the following presentation, we give you the essential tips for playing live casino games. Keep them handy when you play. These tips can help you maximize your returns if you play responsibly.  

1) First look for a reputable live casino: First things first. Look for a licensed and regulated live casino and heed the advice of your peers as well. Do your groundwork and zero in on a live casino like Betacular. This is fully regulated and licensed. And you will not lose your money.


2) Always look for a good internet connection with a huge bandwidth: This is a crucial step if you want to play on your mobile, because some mobiles may not be that fast. So have a 5G mobile internet connection and enjoy the coverage. This is what one must look for when playing at a live casino. Ensure there are no issues with streaming and gameplay. 


3) Don’t chase losses: Never chase losses. This is exactly where you have to be careful. Stick to a budget and politely leave the table when you are done. Remember that on some days you lose and some days you win.


4) Know when to stop: just like we have discussed in the above point, even if you win you have to stop. That is the whole point. You may run the risk of losing your initial budget. 


5) Look for the Pit boss: There is a Pit boss at every casino who ensures that everything is going perfectly and according to rules. Therefore if you have some trouble you can always approach him and if you are right your money will be returned. 


6) Always use a good playing strategy: whenever you are playing at a live casino always have a game strategy in advance. These strategies can make you win and permits you to think about your next move. Remember that some games are best played with a specific strategy. 


7) Know the etiquette: Never use abusive or unparliamentary language in the live casino. And follow simple things like occupying a seat only when you are offered and are ready to play. Always follow the etiquette in the room. 


8) Set aside some time: always set aside some time and do not get engrossed in your game. Don’t spend hours together gambling (typically spend only 2 hours at the casino). And if you are going bankrupt just leave the table before you burn your fingers. 


9) Find the promotions: There will be some good promotions for some games. So if you want to leverage them then play games that offer promotions and bonuses. It is a good practice to read the wagering requirements before you wager so that you will not be disappointed later on. 


10) Have fun at the casino: players quite often forget the fun element while playing their favourite games. You will be bogged down by losses and you will be on a high when you win, so never forget to enjoy the game. After all, people throng casinos to have some fun.