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Online Poker Site In India

Across all ages of players (experienced or beginners), Betacular gives easy access to a gamut of online poker sites in India. And to start or master this game the newbies must always heed the advice of the experts. There are online casinos that offer a range of poker sites for you to place random bets, and who knows you might even win a jackpot!! The difference between the top (or most visited) poker sites in India (like Betacular) and the other sports betting game sites is that the latter needs downloading and the former can be played in a browser.

The poker sites are swarmed by people lately

Literally, there are hundreds of poker sites in India. The online poker tournaments are conducted throughout the year and there are a host of players who love to participate. As the result, online poker sites are rapidly developing and swarming with people. There are mega guarantee promotions and tournaments across the world, and when the poker scene in India is compared with the US, it is astonishing to see that India is doing very well. The newbies should know that there are many aspects of the game they should know and the punters love playing on poker India sites.

The best poker site in India

It is difficult to zero in on the right online poker venue, so this is where Betacular comes into the picture. It is the best online poker site in the sub-continent. Does not matter if you are a newbie (who is just getting started) or a seasoned player (looking to play as many games as possible), or if you are a casual player, the players can choose from a long list of online poker games on offer that suits your taste. Especially when the player is misinformed, your search for the best poker site ends with Betacular. Out here one can take part in free rolls that are provided by the poker platforms, on a weekly or a regular basis.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player Betacular is your destination for online poker

If you want to play poker on a legal site in a country that provides you with the best poker games that are safe in the betting network, then Betacular is the answer. It is the best poker site in India, even for novice players who want a look and feel of the game before they venture into the details of the game. Playing at Betacular is risk-free and you can rest assured that your wager is in safe hands. However, always make sure you read the terms and conditions before you start playing!! That will resolve most of your questions.

Quick Poker Strategy Tips Which Will Help Your Game

How to win at poker: to help you in your game, below are some poker strategy tricks and tips. If you follow them you have a good chance of winning however it is not guaranteed that you will always win. Not even the best of the players can always win.

The strategy tips are as follows:

1) Always play fewer hands more aggressively: there is a fixed limit on how many hands a poker player can play till the flop and this applies to the seasoned players as well. Believe me, it is dangerous to play too many hands. Have some discipline and stick to the pre-flop poker strategy. And don’t overdo something like playing a hand that is not worth playing. Always being aggressive and tight is the best solution for winning.

2) Don’t be the first to limp: Limping or calling the blind pre-flop is a strict no especially when you are the very first player to enter the pot. This has to be avoided because if you raised you could win the pot before the flop, otherwise, you cannot win. You can only limp if another player has already done so. This is advisable because you will get more pot odds.

3) Use your draws to semi-bluff aggressively: always be effective in bluffing or else you might become bankrupt. Try and keep your bluffing under control. Your cards must dictate whether you are going to bluff. Semi bluffs is what the players call the hands. This is because of the potential that they have beyond the bluff.

4) Play your hands fast to make money by building the pot: it is pathetic when some player checks their nut (flopped) flush 3 times, and then he has to table the monster of a hand (poker) when their opponent checks the river back. When they have strong poker hands slow playing is a mistake who are simply scared (of chasing their opponents) out of the pot. Most of the time it is always better to bet with your strong hands to protect your equity and build your pot.

5) Fold when you are unsure: the biggest difference between a good and a bad player is that when the good player thinks that he is beaten, he always lays down a good hand like the top pair. This sounds simple however it is much more difficult in practice. We humans always want to win and are curious by nature. In the incorrect situations, the 2nd fastest way to lose at poker, is calling too often. The first is ineffective bluffs. Always fold when you are not sure whether to call or fold, as against a raise or bet.

6) Attack whenever your opponent shows weakness: remember to not check with hands which can call multiple bets, as often as they must in reality. This means to say that they have a relatively weak hand which will fold when faced with multiple bets when they check. This is nothing but the bluffing with nothing situation that was already alluded before. When your opponent shows some kind of weakness in a heads-up pot, you can always take advantage of them through a bluffing strategy that is aggressive.

7) Play good poker early in tournaments and never worry about survival: The beginning of poker is not the time and place for stack preservation. This is a major misconception in poker. Think that so as to finish your money you must have a triple or greater than your starting stack. Play aggressively and much early to set up a stack for a much deeper run.

8) Play only if you feel like it: Always remember that poker is all about fun and entertainment. You might be a seasoned player or a novice, it does not matter who you really are, never be serious. And if you are feeling frustrated and/or stressed then just leave the table and who knows you just might save some money.

9) Always play in good games: What we mean by good games is that always play with weaker opponents. When you do not identify the loser in the first half an hour then in all probabilities you are the loser. Never have any ego before playing – in the sense that do not play with tough opponents. And you are bound to make some good money if you are playing with weak opponents or else go to another table.